Justin Newsome, a resident of Los Angeles, brings over 15 years of entertainment and music industry experience. His work includes—but is not limited to—production and artist casting for major music television competition shows such as America’s Got Talent, Boyband, Who Will Rock You, and American Idol, where Justin was the first individual to ever scout and produce an American Idol winner. His continued success in the music industry, and ability to recognize artists’ talents have led people to say that he has one of the best ears for musical talent in the business. Justin has further applied his knowledge by being a part of selection panels for music competitions in the Los Angeles area. Moreover, Justin was also Managing Editor for Uniquabiliy, where he worked with internationally known artists in their efforts of youth advocacy and empowerment.  Justin has worked with top industry record labels such as Hollywood, Interscope, Island Records, Sony Music, Syco, and Universal Records, as well as other noted companies such as ABC, MTV, and the Walt Disney Corporation.

Along with his work scouting artist talent, Justin is also an expert in Artist Development, A&R, Casting, Marketing, and Professional Branding (with emphasis on social media and image consulting). Justin also has extensive experience in applying digital media strategies for films such as Digital Pixar’s Cars, The Muppets, as well as The Green Hornet, Salt, The Social Network, and The Karate Kid, where his work on these two latter films was recognized in Universal McCann Quarterly “Best of” lists. Justin Newsome blends his rich experience in entertainment with his educational background in business and sales, as well as with his technical skills in programs such as SAP and FileMaker. Justin has been praised for his ability to not only find new musical talent, but also in his ability to help individuals grow and develop into their full potential as musical artists.

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