If you are interested in growing your personal brand, and need specific, customized, hands on help with your musical career, Justin Newsome is offering a wide range of services that include:

General Music Consulting and Management Sessions: One on one conversations about your music and the music industry.

Demo/Music Listening Sessions where Justin will offer extensive notes and constructive feedback on recorded music and direction regarding ongoing projects.

Auditions: Justin can help with song selection, guidance on how to best prepare for auditions, along with sharing other do’s and dont’s regarding auditions.

Media strategies for and coming musicians to established artists that includes help with press releases, consultation on album covers, drafting of artist bios, as well as utilizing new music platforms for highly effective and tailored marketing plans.

Strategy branding tailored specifically for digital and social media, as well as guidance on how to best approach and connect with record labels.

Networking with other artists: Justin can connect clients with other artists for potential music collaborations.

For more information on hiring Justin Newsome for your music industry needs, reach out through the contact page.